two businesswomen sat at a desk preparing confirmation statement documents

In today's fast-paced business world, every minute counts, and time is synonymous with money.

two businesswomen sat at a desk preparing confirmation statement documents

The Confirmation Statement is a statutory document that all limited companies and LLPs (Limited Liability Partnerships) must submit once a year to Companies House.

female business owner driving a car wearing sunglasses

Opting for car lease deals is a great option when it comes to boosting your company’s cash flow, due to the potential tax savings and improved tax efficiency it can provide.

woman sat in her dining room researching business structures on a macbook

Choosing the right business structure is crucial for every entrepreneur, as it can significantly impact your tax obligations and overall financial success. 

macbook screen showing business analytics

Business Asset Disposal Relief, previously known as Entrepreneurs Relief (ER), is a type of tax relief that reduces the amount of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) due when you dispose of (sell) shares in all or part of your business.

person in a cafe researching how to register as self employed

If you have made the decision to embark on the path of self-employment, you’re at the beginning of an exciting journey. But, before you dive in, it’s crucial to register as self-employed first with HMRC, either as your only job or for another employer. 

If you're new to self-employment and running a limited company, you may be unfamiliar with the term ‘dividends’, the current dividend tax rates and thresholds and how they can help you be more tax-efficient.