Whether you’re a sole trader, a limited company or a small business, our team of digital chartered accountants can manage your CIS returns along with all other HMRC submissions

At Pineapple, we offer CIS return services for both contractors and subcontractors working in the construction industry. We cover CIS monthly filings, yearly CIS reclaim management, CIS deduction statements and more. 

Our CIS return service has been designed to streamline the whole process for those working in the construction industry. Browse our fixed monthly accounting packages starting from just £25 a month or get a free online quote with our quote calculator.


What does our CIS returns service include?

Your CIS returns will be produced by your own dedicated accountant, together with all the necessary CIS documentation. We will make sure everything is submitted on time to ensure your business is compliant with HMRC. 

When completing your CIS returns as a contractor, we will send you a reminder before the 19th of each month asking how much you’ve paid to your subcontractors. We’ll then reply with your statement, letting you know how much you owe to HMRC. 

What is CIS?

In the construction industry, the CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) applies to most workers. As a contractor, it's essential to deduct CIS tax from your subcontractors and submit CIS returns to HMRC. 

As a subcontractor, you need to complete a tax return and claim your CIS refund to ensure you receive what you're entitled to. As certified chartered accountants we can help you navigate CIS regulations easily, so you can focus on your business operations with complete confidence.

CIS returns for contractors

As a contractor in the construction industry, you’ll have to submit your CIS return before the 19th of each month. The CIS return provides HMRC with important information on the CIS tax you have deducted from your subcontractors, helping them calculate how much you owe.

However, late submissions can lead to hefty penalties. If your CIS return is just one day late, you can be charged up to £100. And, if it's over two months late, you'll have to pay an additional £200, with further penalties the longer it remains un-submitted. This is why it's crucial to have arrangements in place, either by completing the return yourself or handing the responsibility to an accountant to ensure your CIS returns are completed on time and avoid unnecessary fees. 

CIS returns for subcontractors

If you're a subcontractor in the construction industry, completing a personal tax return each year is mandatory. This tax return provides HMRC with important information on your earnings, expenditure, and CIS tax payments made.

As a subcontractor, you're likely entitled to a tax refund each year, as you may have paid more in CIS tax than you owe to HMRC. At Pineapple, we can make sure you're claiming all the tax relief you're entitled to, helping you maximise your earnings and avoid overpaying taxes. For more information, chat now with an advisor.


Why Work with Pineapple?

  • Reduce the risk of penalties. Ensuring your CIS returns are submitted on time is crucial to avoid penalties. One day's delay can result in a penalty of £100, and a further penalty of £200 can be applied if it’s more than two months. You can rely on our monthly automated reminders to help you stay on track and avoid these costly charges. 
  • Peace of mind. Our experienced team can leave you confident that your CIS return will be accurate and correct, giving you one less thing to worry about. 
  • CIS Returns Investigations. By having a digital accountant, you are less likely to be investigated by HMRC if figures submitted on a CIS return are incorrect. Inaccuracies when submitting are the common triggers that can lead to a tax investigation. With a chartered accountant by your side, you can rest assured that everything will be done right. 
  • Save time. Having an accountant handling your CIS return will save you lots of time. Completing a return can be a time-consuming task: from adding and verifying your new subcontractors to processing your payments and submitting your monthly CIS returns to HMRC. That time could be better spent running your business. So, why not let us handle the hard work, while you focus on what you do best?

Benefit from unlimited CIS returns support today

It’s easy to get started with Pineapple, simply get a free online quote with our quote calculator, choose the right package for your business needs and we’ll be in touch to get everything up and running. 

After that, all our CIS returns services are offered completely online, so you don’t have to worry about us hassling you for regular meetings or calls.

Get Started with our Monthly Contractor Accounting Plans


From £25+ VAT per month

  • Accounts & Taxes
  • Registration of business with Companies House & HMRC
  • Preparation of accounts
  • Preparation of business taxes
  • Pineapple support on Whatsapp with a chartered accountant
  • Pineapple Portal to e-sign documents securely
  • References for finance and mortgage applications


From £102.50+ VAT per month

  • All included in the Bronze package
  • VAT Returns
  • Payroll


From £142.50+ VAT per month

  • All included in both Bronze and Silver packages
  • Expense Software
  • Xero Accounting Software
  • Debt Recovery
  • Bookkeeping & Reconciliation
  • Live Management Reporting accounts with KPI reporting


Bespoke Price+ VAT per month

  • If your company doesn’t fit with one of our monthly packages, we can offer a bespoke designed Black plan to suit your complex situation. Speak to one of our chartered accountants today to receive a bespoke quote for a tailored service.

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