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Pineapple are chartered digital accountants passionate about offering hassle-free, simple digital accounting. 

We offer a range of digital accounting services including bookkeeping, VAT and tax returns, payroll and more. Our services can be adapted to your business’ size, industry and goals and are neatly packaged into monthly accounting plans so you know exactly what services you are getting for your monthly payment.

Our digital accounting firm offers the following services


Our digital accountants are able to streamline your bookkeeping processes using our accounting software and can take the entire process off your hands. From creating and sending out invoices to paying suppliers, we keep track of every aspect of your business accounts so nothing is missed and you always know your business’s financial position and never miss a deadline.



Businesses of all types that make over a certain amount of money per year must be VAT-registered. Our digital accountants can help you to become VAT-registered and help you with the process of claiming VAT, preparing and submitting VAT returns and much more. As our VAT returns and other VAT services are entirely digital, we’ll also ensure your business is fully compliant and ahead of your competition when it comes to the Making Tax Digital initiative.



Our accountants are able to manage and advise your business on managing your tax. We can offer support and take off your hands the entire process of business tax, from the preparation of tax returns, corporation tax, restructuring, capital allowances and much more. Although our accountants offer our services online, we are able to offer support and advice where needed to ensure your business is operating at ultimate efficiency.


You can outsource your payroll to our chartered digital accountants. We offer an entirely digital payroll service that is simple and easy to understand, whether you pay your employees weekly, monthly or quarterly, and can prepare other key documents where needed, all for a fixed monthly fee.


Reconciling your business accounts can be a time-consuming and overwhelming process. Our digital accounting firm can manage this for you and ensure your bank statements always match up to your accounts using our leading digital accounting software Xero.


We offer CIS return services for both contractors and subcontractors working in the construction industry. We cover CIS monthly filings, yearly CIS reclaim management, CIS deduction statements and more. Our CIS return service has been designed to streamline the whole process for those working in the construction industry.


Pineapple Accounts are all #XeroCertified, which means we have an in-depth knowledge and experience in Xero bookkeeping and its other features. You can have peace of mind when working with our team in knowing that we can best utilise the Xero software and are up to date with its constant product developments so your business can reap the benefits. 


Cash flow is vital for your business planning and growth and we want to support you should you need help in recovering any payments you are owed. In the event of any unpaid invoices, you can benefit from our debt recovery services as part of your monthly subscription including free legal advice and access to international tracing and debt recovery agents. 



What is digital accounting?

Making Tax Digital is a government initiative aiming to have a completely digital tax system in the UK in the coming years. As a result, it’s important to start preparing now and making sure your business is using the right software and preparing accounts digitally. Digital accounting allows businesses to store and manage all their business finances online, using cloud-based software. Businesses that have not yet made the move to digital accounting are also missing out on the increased efficiency and easy access that it provides to monitor your business’ success at the touch of a button. 

Pineapple is ahead of the game as a completely digital accounting firm, we carry out all our services online so our clients' accounts are prepared and modernised in line with the MTD initiative. Our chartered accountants specialise in digital accountancy and utilise a range of leading software including Xero, allowing our customers to benefit from a range of features to improve efficiency and profitability. 

Why work with a digital accounting firm?

  • Save time. When it comes to running your business, time is money. We understand how much business owners have on their plate, which is why our digital accounting services aim to seamlessly take your accounting off your hands. Our digital accountants use industry-leading software to manage your accounts efficiently, without us hassling you for calls or meetings, saving you time and money.
  • Cut costs. We use Xero accounting software, which automates a large portion of your accounting, streamlines all the boring admin tasks and allows for quick bank account reconciliation. Working with a team that saves time using efficient software, saves your business money. 
  • MTD-compliant. The government’s Making Tax Digital initiative is already being rolled out and will be compulsory for businesses in a few years, which is why it’s important to work with digital accountants that are ahead of and can prepare your business for this change. 
  • Secure. By using digital accounting software, your business’ data and finances will be kept highly secure. All your data is stored in the cloud so nothing can be lost accidentally and the software doesn’t require backups that leave you vulnerable to data loss or theft. 
  • Live management reporting. Digital accounting allows you to be able to see a clear picture of your business’ accounts as it all stored online. Digital accounting doesn’t just show you old numbers but live data so you can gain visibility on your business’ success.
  • Access accounts in real-time. With our Gold Plan, you can view your business accounts and finances at any time. Any data you need is instantly available, wherever you are. 
  • Get paid faster. Our digital accounting firm offers debt recovery services as part of our monthly packages. Not only that, but our digital accounting software Xero allows you to make sure your invoices are paid on time and faster offering your customers a wide range of payment options. 
  • Paperless accounting. Going digital with your accounting allows you to hugely reduce the amount of paper your business uses and has lying around. Not only does this allow you to reduce your carbon footprint, but you won’t be at risk of misplacing or losing important accounting information, as it is all stored safely in the cloud. 


Who do we work with?

Our digital accounting form helps a range of businesses, including:


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